Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Du bist mein, ich bin dein

 Have you ever heard of Minnesang-the tradition of lyric and love song writing in Germany in 12th-14th century?
This Minnelied (love song) of unknown authorship is found in a codex of the 12th century in Germany.
Why don't turn your favorite love poem into a paper cutting work? :)

Du bist mein, ich bin dein,/ dessen sollst du gewiss sein./ Du bist verschlossen/ in meinem Herzen,/ Verloren ist das Schlüsselein-/ du musst immer darin sein.
English translation:
You are mine, I am yours/ Of that you may be sure/ Deep within my heart/ You're safely locked away/ But I have lost the key/ And there you'll ever stay.

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  1. I love this poem! It just makes sense of my life! You see, a few years ago, I was in love. However, one unexpected day, my boyfriend died in a car crash... and i was spo devastated that they dumped me into a mad house. No mum, dad or friends. Just a room, a doctor and two nurses for 3 years... Now I decided to have another love in my life to keep me going, to give me reason get up in the morings... and I decided to never let him go, like my Consti... Thank you for posting the poem... I am out of the mad house and back into life now!